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​​Our Mission at Portico is to honor diversity, build community, create a lifestyle that promotes the health and well-being of our planet.  To bring integrity and trust into the real estate profession while creating tremendously satisfying and fulfilling lifelong relationships with the people in our community. As Portico Real Estate REALTORS© we adhere to a strict standard of ethics. We promise to be honest, loyal and caring because that builds the strong community that we envision and invite you to be a part of. There are thousands of real estate agents in Montana, why choose one from Portico Real Estate? Portico is a small real estate firm that has goals beyond selling homes. We want to see Missoula and the world be a better, more peaceful place that celebrates diversity, love and living. All of us at Portico strive to give back to the community of Missoula by volunteering in numerous local organizations that maintain the health, beauty, quality of life and well being of this area and its environment. We all have vast personal and spiritual investments and attachments to this area.  Portico Real Estate agents make up a diverse crowd. We range in age from 23 to 65. We come from the east, west, mid-west and right here in Montana. We are single, married, with and without children. We are straight and gay. We are runners, hikers, activists, bikers, fishermen, environmentalists, skiers, kayakers, pacifists and singers. We all have a vision of a better world where everyone is equally valuable. We live here because we love the strong sense of community that Missoula has to offer. Though we are diverse in our activities and skill levels, we all find it easy to get out and enjoy the great outdoors all year long. There is always an event going on and opportunities for you to become involved. We are a welcoming town.  So we would welcome you to find a home here and to bring what you have to offer to our community. Missoula has numerous types of property to offer. Whether you are looking for a house, ranch, farm, condo or townhouse; on a city lot or on several acres; residential, commercial, investment or recreational; old, historic or new; waterfront, riverfront or lake front; little or lots of square footage, one or six bedrooms and bathrooms, we will do our best to help you find the home that you desire.  Welcome to Missoula!